organic oatmeal ready-to-eat cereal™ pouch

Inside this squeezable pouch of Beech-Nut Stage 1 organic oatmeal ready-to-eat cereal™, mom and baby will find USDA-certified organic oats premixed for total convenience. This organic portable pouch is ready to eat wherever you and your little one are.

Stage 1 Organic Baby Cereal Pouch Benefits:

  • Great first food for starting solids.
  • Premixed in a convenient pouch for at home or on-the-go eating.
  • Includes vitamins and minerals: 20% DV vitamin D, 25% DV zinc, 15% DV calcium

Inside this squeezable pouch of Beech-Nut

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organic oatmeal ready-to-eat cereal pouch

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