baby food pouches

Enjoy the same unique foods you and your baby love, now in to-go packaging that’s just right for snacking, playdates, car rides and much more.

Want an on-the-go solution for feeding your baby or toddler fruit & veggie purees? Our fruities, veggies, breakfast, pre/probiotic, and iron & zinc Beech-Nut® pouches are available in multi & variety packs and tested for quality and environmental contaminants. They are delicious, easy to pack, and enjoy 5-star ratings.

(We can’t stop eating them at work, ourselves)

How do I serve Beech-Nut® pouches?

You can choose between squeezing the puree out of our pouches and onto a spoon for spoon feeding or, when they are ready, letting them self-feed by sucking the puree straight out of the pouch. Please ask your pediatrician for their recommendations.

How should I store a pouch once opened?

Pouches should be resealed and refrigerated after opening; only keep for 2-3 days once opened. Please refer to the pouch’s label for information on how long a pouch is good for once it is opened.

Do your pouches with yogurt need to be refrigerated?

The yogurt in our pouches goes through a heating process that allows it to be shelf stable. This means there is no refrigeration needed for our Beech-Nut® pouches containing yogurt!
Once opened, all pouches need to be refrigerated.

Which of your Beech-Nut® snacks contain allergens?

We list nine food allergens (wheat, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, sesame, tree nuts & peanuts) on our labels in accordance with FDA requirements. This information is printed clearly on the labels of those products. Click on each product page to view their ingredients.
Please visit to see which of our products do contain wheat, milk, or egg.
To learn more about when and how to introduce allergens to your baby, click here.

Can I bring Beech-Nut® foods on a plane?

Yes! You can bring our baby food on a plane. For more information on food requirements on airplanes, visit the TSA website.