Meet the Chef: Greg’s Story

By Greg Tasker

Meet the Chef: Greg’s Story

Now, this is a story all about how my life got…. No, no, no. Stop that.  

My name is Greg Tasker, and I am a Research and Development Chef at Beech-Nut Nutrition, I am going to take a few minutes to introduce myself to you. One of the fun things I do for Beech-Nut is writing Blog Posts. You lucky duck, you just found the first one! 

I am a New England native and received my culinary training in Montpelier, VT at the New England Culinary Institute. Initially I focused on the Baking and Pastry Arts, but my career has given me the opportunity to explore everything from artisan sourdough to small batch charcuterie. Over the past 15 years, I have worked in artisan bakeries, fine dining establishments, and always play with my food 

In October 2021, I joined the Beech-Nut Team as a Development Chef. My wife Marcie, who has spent 12 years in various food scientist and product development roles, also joined the Beech-Nut team as an R&D Project Manager. The 2020 Pandemic brought changes for my family, one being the increased desire to be closer to our family in New England. We made the decision to start exploring career opportunities in the northeast to make this happen. The transition from Nebraska to New York and Beech-Nut has been an adventurous time for our family. 

Marcie and I are the proud parents of a four-year-old son named Calvin. One of our favorite family activities is planting a garden together each year. Calvin is anxiously awaiting gardening season. He loves to help with everything from the planting of seeds to weeding, and of course – digging. His favorite time of the process is harvesting; he brings his own bucket to pick the cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and baby bell peppers. Usually eating them faster than we can get them into the house. As both chefs and parents, we feel it is important to teach our son to connect with the foods he eats, and the soil they grow in. 

One of our family winter hobbies is reading the seed catalog by the window, overlooking the snow-covered garden. Anxiously awaiting the first sight of soil, dreaming of that first sprout. We talk about nurturing the seeds and sprouts, how the plants use sunlight and water to grow, and how eating them will make us strong and healthy. My four year old taught me about capillary action drawing water into the roots. I’m still not sure how I feel about that… 

While the science lessons are great, I also want him to learn the value of hard-work. To know that each cherry tomato he chomps into, is there because he grew it “All by himself!” The produce that escapes those furious fists, are enjoyed in many ways in our home. As fresh and healthy snacks, cooked into warm meals, or pickled at the height of freshness. Calvin’s favorites include: Dill Cucumbers and Tangy Red Onions. As a family we work the soil, harvest the crop, and enjoy the “fruits” of our labor. Home-canning is a science and an art, one that is fading away in our modern day. We want to preserve that tradition, and the veggies, for our family. 

As a Development Chef for Beech-Nut, personal and company goals align: family, food, and preserving the goodness of nature. I am part of a dedicated team, who work tirelessly to provide nutritious and delicious foods for the most important customer today. Our kids. I couldn’t be more proud of the work that I do at Beech-Nut, especially knowing that I am helping to provide for families around the country that are just like mine.  

Thank you for getting to know me and reading my story!