Mom & Baby Events – 2024

By Beech-Nut®

Mom & Baby Events – 2024

Where can I find Mom & Baby Events near me in 2024?


Great question! At Beech-Nut, we love events that bring moms together, especially after the isolation we experienced during COVID-19. We have assembled the ultimate list of 2024 mom, baby & pregnancy events across the United States to add to your calendar. Pick up some swag bags, parenting advice and new momma friends. ❤️


1. The Prego Expo

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  • Dates & Locations:
    • NYC, NY: March 9, 2024
    • Orlando, FL: March 23, 2024
    • Atlanta, GA: April 6, 2024
    • Seattle, WA: June 1, 2024
    • San Jose, CA: August 3, 2024
    • Dallas, TX: August 24, 2024
    • Salt Lake City, UT: September 7, 2024
    • Chicago, IL: October 12, 2024
    • Los Angeles, CA: November 8-9, 2024 

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The Prego Expo is one of the largest baby events to spring back after the pandemic. These are high-energy events with large numbers of attendees & sponsors, such as Pottery Barn Kids and Ergobaby. Other exhibitors include gear brands, furniture, maternity wear, hospitals and birthing centers, postpartum support, feeding/nutrition support, photographers, event planning services, and more. Each show ends with a Grand Prize giveaway! Feeling overwhelmed? Escape to the bounce house & photo booths for some fun.

Prego also hosts Create Her, events for family & parenting content creators to gather, meet other influencers, learn all kinds of content creation tips and tricks, and connect directly with mom and baby brands. This event will feature several notable speakers and workshop leaders who are ready to share the inside scoop about what’s going on in the baby space and how to maximize your influencer networking.


2. First Steps Baby Expo:

  • Date: March 9, 2024
  • Location: Saint Cloud, MN

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First Steps Baby Expo is an event for the whole family to learn about both well-known and new products and services in the parenting and baby world. The event will consist of various product panels, family-friendly activities, entertainment, and educational experiences to give growing families a rich exposure to products that make their journeys a little easier.


3. Mom 2.0:

  • Date: April 4-5, 2024
  • Location: Nashville, TN

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The Mom 2.0 Summit in Nashville is an event where mom creators can gather to listen to insightful speakers and learn about a wide variety of mom and baby product sponsors. With a several day schedule filled with different round table discussions, content workshops, and of course plenty of time to meet all of the sponsors, this event is one you won’t want to miss!


4. Mommy Poppins Baby Expo

  • Date: April 13, 2024
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY

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The Mommy Poppins Baby Expo is a large fair event for expecting and new mothers along with their families to tour different family brands and activities, all on an outdoor street in New York City! This event provides a great opportunity to get outside, while also getting a chance to learn about new and innovative products for families.


5. Baby Palooza

  • Dates & Locations:
    • Mobile, AL: April 13, 2024
    • Huntsville, AL: May 4, 2024
    • Phoenix, AZ: June 15, 2024
    • Birmingham, AL: August 17, 2024
    • Nashville, TN: October 5, 2024
    • Atlanta, GA: November 2, 2024

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Baby Palooza is hosting several expos this year where they showcase a variety of products and services from the baby space. In their words, there will be “top brands, experts, and resources all in one place for a day of fun and information.” You won’t want to miss it!


6. Babies and Bumps

  • Dates & Locations:
    • Columbus, OH: April 21, 2024
    • Detroit, MI: May 5, 2024
    • St. Louis, MO: June 2, 2024
    • Kansas City, MO: June 9, 2024
    • Rochester, NY: September 15, 2024

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Babies and bumps is a conference for new and growing families meant to connect parents with businesses and brands that align with their lifestyles. The conference also has a wide variety of educational seminars meant to educate families on several different aspects of parenting life. They will also be featuring lots of pop-up shops, gift bags, and giveaways!


7. Baby Mood Expo

  • Date: May 4-5, 2024
  • Location: Miami Beach, FL

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Last but not least is the Baby Mood Expo, which is an exhibition meant to expose new parents to different kinds of products and services for babies. The expo not only has a several conferences and workshops, but also fun activities, such as hourly prize drawings and “gourmet baby cooking classes”! It is sure to be a fun and educational time for all who attend.


This list is just the beginning of the many different mom & baby events taking place across the U.S. this year. Mark those calendars.

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