Real Baby Test: New Beech-Nut Stage 3 Flavors

By Megan Yarmuth, BonBon Rose Girls

Real Baby Test: New Beech-Nut Stage 3 Flavors
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Let’s hear it for food full of flavor right?! I mean when I go out to dinner or prepare food at home I want it to taste GREAT! Just ok tasting doesn’t cut it. Of course that’s no exception for my little guys. I want them to enjoy healthy foods that are just bursting with delicious flavors.

So I was excited to try some of the exciting new flavors in baby food that Beech-Nut introduced this spring. That’s right. I’m taste testing these foods along with Max. After all, if I won’t eat it, why should he?!

baby and mom

Max is 16 months old and while he eats a lot of solid table foods, I find that also including Beech-Nut’s food for babies, especially their Stage 3 options, helps ensure that he is eating enough nutrient-rich food and getting a well-balanced diet.

For those of you with children in this age range, right now Max is all about his independence. So I tend to let him self-feed with a bowl and spoon or fork. Then I swoop in at the end with a spoon to make sure he actually is eating more than he’s wearing. Of course there is usually a big ol’ mess but he is happy and enjoying mealtime, which is my main goal! I even alternate between the high chair and his little table depending on what I’ve got going on in the kitchen.

baby eating beech=-nut

First up we decided to give the Beech-Nut® Organics™ Stage 3 mango chicken curry with rice a try. Max loves to share his food, so giving mama a bite was going to happen either way. It was great! Sweet and full of flavor! We both had big smiles on as we tasted this new combination.

At our next meal we tried the Organics™ Stage 3 corn & potato chowder. It too tasted great! It’s so good I’m trying to figure out how I can make it into my lunch instead of his, ha!

Beech-Nut has an array of other great new flavors, including Organics™ just mango, Organics™ macaroni rings & meat sauce and more that are sure to get your little ones experiencing a wide array of tastes, colors and textures!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Beech-Nut and originally appeared on BonBon Rose Girls. All opinions and thoughts expressed come from Megan.