🦕The Ultimate Dino Day Guide for Dino-Loving Kids of All Ages

By Beech-Nut

🦕The Ultimate Dino Day Guide for Dino-Loving Kids of All Ages

With the launch of our Dino Biscuits and the upcoming “National Dinosaur Day” on June 1st, we are celebrating everything dino! Dinosaurs capture the imaginations and curiosities of so many children (and adults). We have compiled some of our favorite dino-inspired foods, products, games, and movies & shows. How will you be celebrating #NationalDinosaurDay (or whenever you want to have a roaring good time)?


Dinosaur Themed Food & Recipes

Your junior paleontologist will dig these dino snack and meal ideas!


🦕 Dino Egg Rice Krispie Treats


Make Two Sisters Crafting’s Dino Egg Rice Krispie® Treats and wow the guests at your next prehistoric party.


🦕 Prehistoric Parfait Dinosaur Snack

Follow Confessions of a Dietitian on instagram for this amazing Prehistoric Parfait using our Beech-Nut dino biscuits with prebiotics — available at Walmart.


🦕 Dino Chicken & Vegetable Nuggets

Photo: Perdue

For little carnivores, serve these Perdue Chicken Breast & Vegetable Dino Nuggets. Hmmm, we know where else you can find dinos with hidden veggies


🦕 Herbivore Veggie Cups

Photo:  Love to Know

A Brontosaurus, the ancient world’s most famous herbivore, would gladly munch on these herbivore veggie cups, by Love to Know, at a dino party. Especially with some Ranch dressing sitting at the bottom.


🦕 Dino Bento Box Lunch

Melissa Rifkin strikes again with a cohesive + creative + cretaceous + crust-less lunch idea. Bento box for the win.


Dinosaur Movie & TV Shows

These are some of our favorite shows and movies to watch with our dino-obsessed kids.


🦕 Dinosaur Train (PBS)

Photo: PBS Kids

🎵 Once upon a time, there was a mom. Her name was Mrs. Pteranodon (silent p). All aboard for this educational show. 


🦕 Bob the Builder: The Big Dino Dig Movie

Photo: Bob the Builder/Paramount

Got a Paramount Plus subscription? Watch The Big Dino Dig movie. Bob is building a dinosaur-themed fun park with a giant roller coaster and fantastic rides and unearths dinosaur bones on site. Disney World fans will note that this story sounds like the fate of another dino-themed amusement park.

For more 🦖 dino movies, check out Fatherly’s list of The 7 Best Movies for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs


Dinosaur Books & Toys

Looking for gift ideas? Check out our favorite items below for nonstop dino fun!


🦕 National Geographic Fossil Dig Kit

Photo: Amazon – National Geographic

These real fossils are millions of years old! (Really!)  Contemplate the passage of time, while digging for dinosaurs, sharks, brachiopods, mosasaurs, ammonites, and more with this dig kit.


🦕Dino Memory Card Game from Ravensburger

Photo: Amazon – Ravensburger

Get your little one’s gears turning with this 15 minute, beautifully-illustrated memory game.


🦕 Wooden Dino Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

Photo: Amazon – Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug wooden toys are the tops– take this 3+ year old, 4-puzzle box kit on the road.


🦕 Dinosaur Dance! by Sandra Boynton

Credit: Boynton Bookworks

More than 85,000,000 of Sandra Boynton’s books have been sold since 1974. She sure can make those brontosauruses do the Boynton boogie in Dinosaur Dance!


At-Home Dinosaur Themed Activity Ideas

Need a fun at-home activity? These ideas will bring the prehistoric to you.


🦕 Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Photo: Make Life Lovely

Remember crafting with salt dough? (And sneaking a taste out of curiosity?) Bake these rock hard salt dough fossils simply using using flour, salt, water, and dino toys, then hide them around the house for archaelogists in training.


🦕 Dinosaur Coloring Pages from Motherly

Art: Motherly

Coloring books for adults are still a thing, right? They certainly are for kids. Motherly curated these printable dinosaur coloring pages.


🦕 Googly Eyed Glamosauruses- Craft Dinosaurs

Credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Get your dinos ready for the disco with this sparkly sequined craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning. Dinosaurs do dance, as we have read.


Dinosaur Emojis & Giphys & Memes

Copy & paste these dino emojis or share creator-made dino giphys & memes.


🦕  <– A Sauropod, a massive, plant-eating dinosaur with a long neck and tail.

🦖 < — A Tyrannosaurus Rex

🐱‍🐉 <– A cat sitting on a dino, of course.