7 Tips For Tummy Trouble

By Beech-Nut®

7 Tips For Tummy Trouble

There’s nothing worse than an upset baby… except maybe an upset baby with tummy trouble! Here at Beech-Nut®, we love helping share ways to keep your baby happy and healthy, so we asked our real moms & dads what they do to help their babies when their tummies hurt due to common problems like gas and constipation. Although you should always consult a pediatrician if you need medical advice, here are 7 tips from our fans about how to help remedy unavoidable bouts of tummy trouble.

  1. Tummy massages, cuddles, and hugs help relieve pressure.

    From our Facebook fan, Tania: “Nice tummy massages follow by cuddles with Mama” are the best way to alleviate your little one’s tummy trouble. This soothing motion works unwanted air out of the body and relieves the pressure on baby.”

  2. Try daily probiotic drops or gripe water to regulate digestion.

We love Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotics Everyday  for everyday relief. Our Facebook fan Amy says, “Probiotics have changed our lives. We have a very happy baby that has enjoyable days instead of being sad all the time.” Try putting the drops in your little one’s bottle for easier administration and rapid relief. Look for these products at your local drug store.

  1. Get their legs pumping to help with gas.

Pump your baby’s little legs back and forth in bicycle movements. This can help gas bubbles get unstuck and can allow the air to resume proper movement through the body so baby’s tummy doesn’t hurt as much.

  1. At baby’s feeding time, try the 3 P’s.

Pumpkin, Pear, or Prune purees can be extremely effective in combating baby’s tummy issues due to their high natural water content. These simple foods are filled with natural laxatives to help encourage the passage of air in your little one’s belly. Look for our Naturals and Organics jars at your grocery store!

  1. Give them a warm bath to alleviate stomach pain.

Warm baths flipped one Beech-Nut® baby’s frown upside down! His mom said, “My almost 3 month old has had stomach trouble since the beginning… We still have some bad days with gas pains but most of our days are filled with smiles” after implementing warm baths into their everyday lives. Adding lavender to the bath helps little ones (and moms and dads!) sleep better.

  1. To ease tomach agitation in younger babies, try adding infant cereal.

Supplementing formula or breast milk with a little infant cereal (or some solid food like puree) can help fill baby’s tummy so they sleep through the night. Check out our easy-to-use cereal canisters, like our Organics Oatmeal Cereal.

  1. Place a heated wrap on baby’s tummy.

Heated stomach wraps can help move gas through the body and relieve tummy trouble. Beech-Nut® Facebook fan Jessica uses this Happi Tummi Heated Waistband and Pouch, which works by swaddling baby in warmth while releasing soothing herbs such as lavender and chamomile. What a great idea!

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