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Kelvyn Vasquez

Meet Kelvyn Vasquez: Our Quality Lab Technician at Beech-Nut!

Kelvyn has been with Beech-Nut since 2016! As a quality lab technician, he is responsible for testing the quality of our ingredients as well as our finished products in our on-site quality lab! He plays a very important role in keeping all who love our Beech-Nut foods safe!

When asked what his proudest moment at Beech-Nut was, Kelvyn responded:

“Everyday I am proud to work for a company that makes the world a better place, making the best food for babies. My favorite moment is when we give back to the community at our annual food drive.”

When asked “if you had another job, what would it be?” he responded:

“Probably a major league baseball player. It has always been a dream of mine.”

We thank Kelvyn for his continued hard work over the years as a quality lab technician and look forward to his continued achievement!