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Natalie Roca

Meet Natalie Roca: Our Research & Development Coordinator at Beech-Nut!

Natalie has been with Beech-Nut since 2020! As a research & development coordinator, she is responsible for supporting the research & development team with the technical work necessary for new product research and innovation. She plays a very important role in bringing new and exciting Beech-Nut foods to the market!

When asked what her proudest moment at Beech-Nut was, Natalie responded:

“I wouldn’t say there is a particular moment. Every day I am proud to be a part of a company that goes the extra mile for the quality and safety of our products.”

When asked what most people don’t know about her, she responded:

“For my first job, I was working as a dishwasher and dietary aide at a nursing home. At the same time, my older sister and younger brother were both working as models as I was washing dishes for the elderly. Needless to say, I am clearly the gifted child.”

We thank Natalie for her continued hard work as a research & development coordinator and look forward to her continued achievement!