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Steve String

Meet Steve String: Our Mechanical Specialist at Beech-Nut!

Steve has been with Beech-Nut since 2014! As a mechanical specialist, he is responsible for providing maintenance on production equipment to ensure all machines are running at optimum performance levels. He plays a very important role in the production of our Beech-Nut foods for our consumers!

When asked what his proudest moment at Beech-Nut was, Steve responded:

“The day I found out that I passed the maintenance entrance exam and was accepted into the maintenance department.”

When asked “what is something no one would know about you?” he responded:

“I like taking my daughter on random father/daughter dates. Many times I take her to lunch, then visit my parents. ”

We thank Steve for his continued hard work over the years as a mechanical specialist and look forward to his continued achievement!