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Tim Snyder

Meet Tim Snyder: Our Engineering Supervisor at Beech-Nut!

Tim has been with Beech-Nut since July of 2023! As an engineering supervisor, he is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and support of our manufacturing equipment! He plays a very important role in the successful production of our Beech-Nut foods!

When asked what he finds the most challenging in his new role, Tim responded:

The most challenging (arguably most interesting) task thus far has been learning all there is to know about the industry specific equipment used in the baby food making process, but even more challenging is keeping track of the many acronyms used to name them!

When asked “who motivates you?” he responded:

“I would say that in my role I have two major sources of motivation, the first being the team here and the second being my family (more specifically my 9-month-old son). Since becoming part of the engineering team here at Beech-Nut I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with other like-minded technical professionals and leverage their skills and expertise against my own to solve complex problems. It is rewarding when we can put our heads together to solve a problem and create results. Second, I am always thinking about my son, who is a Beech-Nut customer himself. It is rewarding to see the work that I do daily translate into what he sees on his plate at home!”

We thank Tim for his continued hard work as an engineering supervisor and look forward to his continued achievement!