our Naturals® &
Organics process

Real Ingredients

  • Quality ingredients – no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors added
  • Non-GMO
  • Also available in USDA-Certified Organic flavors

Gently Cooked

  • Gently cooked with indirect heat to preserve color, texture, flavor and nutrients

how we make it:

beech-nut® naturals & organics purées

start with real
fruits & veggies

We select only quality ingredients, sourcing locally whenever we can.

purée cold to protect
flavor & nutrients

We aim to process our ingredients as little as possible, to protect nutrients and flavor as we blend our combinations. So, we purée cold before cooking.

remove air to seal
in freshness

Taking the air out means we don’t have to add artificial preservatives to keep the good stuff in, like vibrant color, fragrant aroma and thick texture.

gently cook to keep
natural color & texture

We use indirect heat to cook our real food (like how you’d use a double boiler) so that the flavor and nutrients don’t get watered down. Cook time varies according to the ingredients; you wouldn’t cook a pear and a sweet potato the same length of time, so neither do we.

pour into glass jars
& portable pouches

Beech-Nut® was the first U.S. baby food to use recyclable glass jars, which protect the taste, smell or texture of our foods. We also have BPA-free pouches for little ones on the go.

explore more flavors

Learn about our unique and revolutionary Gentle Cooking™ process for our Beech-Nut Naturals® & Organic Jar purees, which brings ready-to-eat baby food to you and your family! This process helps preserve ingredient’s flavors, textures, nutrients, and taste–one reason why these jars receive 5-star awards from parents.

How are Beech-Nut® purees made?

Our Beech-Nut® purees are made with real, high-quality ingredients and routinely tested for quality.
Our Naturals & Organics jars are made with our Gentle Cooking™ process.

How does Gentle Cooking™ help preserve Natural & Organic purees?

Our Gentle Cooking™ process uses both deaeration and gentle heating that varies per the ingredients being cooked. In deaeration, we remove air from the puree, so the food isn’t exposed to additional oxygen, which can cause browning and decomposition. The food is then “gently” cooked, which deactivates enzymes and bacteria that might further break down the food and allows the product to be shelf stable. These steps are quite similar to what you would do when canning at home.

What makes naturals purees different from other purees?

Our Beech-Nut Naturals® jars contain one to three ingredients (some even include oats or granola!) and are made using our Gentle Cooking™ method, which helps preserve nutrients, flavors, colors, and textures.
All Beech-Nut® jar purees are made and jarred in our plant in Amsterdam, New York.

What should I do if the jar lid didn't "pop" when I opened it?

Every jar of Beech-Nut® food should make a “popping” sound when you open it. That is the sound of the vacuum-seal jar releasing air pressure. If your jar did not pop, do not use the food. Please give us a call at 1-800-233-2468 OR e-mail us using the Contact Us Page.