Naturals apple & pumpkin Fruit & Veggie Melties™

4.7 (1042 Reviews)

Beech-Nut® Naturals are made with real ingredients, simply prepared. Made with just 3 ingredients and no added sugar, Beech-Nut® Naturals apple & pumpkin Fruit & Veggie Melties™ are a natural snack for your baby, starting at 8 months old. Parents love our Melties™ (try all 4 flavors!) because this easy finger food helps your baby practice fine motor skills, and the little round pieces dissolve easily in your little one’s mouth Here’s a tip: for older kids, mix some Melties™ with pretzel pieces and dried fruit to create a healthy homemade trail mix.

  • Baby snack with just 3 ingredients
  • Stage 3: for 8 months and up
  • Gluten-free, no added sugar
  • Free from known allergens
Naturals apple & pumpkin Fruit & Veggie Melties

Included Inside

Beech-Nut Apple & Pumpkin Melties Nutrition
Ingredients: Apples, Pumpkin, Fruit Pectin

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4.7 (1042 Reviews)
  • On The Go, Go To Snack!
    These are the perfect on the go snack when my nieces and nephew are visiting or I’m taking them for a park stroll! Love the convenient packaging and the way the kids love it! A trusted brand I’m happy to give to the ones we love the most!
  • Great food
    I’ve been using this brand for my baby since she was 6 months and we just love it
  • Great for infants
    My 11 month old infant loved these. Perfect for motor skills and our littles grasping the pincher grasp. She also loved the taste.
  • Even better than Gerber's
    Beech-nut Melties are a great new entry into the baby snack market. They share the portability and desirability with other brands yet are higher quality in ingredients.
  • Kids liked the product
    My kids always likes what I’m getting them and beech-hut and melties is one of those snacks that they love
  • Beech-nut
    well my son didnt like the beech-nut melties I'm pretty sure if it would have been a different flavor he would have love them it call his attention I tried them flavor wasn't good to be honest .
  • Great On The Go Snack
    My Beech-Nut Melties sample came in the mail the day before an excursion to the San Diego Zoo. These won out over all the other snacks I brought for my toddlers! I especially love that they melt quickly so even if your baby tried to swallow it whole, it starts dissolving the second it touches moisture. Easy, healthy, and safe snack = Winner!
  • Yum!!
    We love Beech-Nut melties! Even my 3 year old tries to sneak them away!
  • Awesome
    The whole family thought that these were great. We all love the flavor.
  • Son loved these
    My son loved the beechnut melties. He asked for more as soon as he finished the sample so I will call this one a win!
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