blueberry cereal puffs™

We know that a handful of sweet, ripe blueberries can brighten up any day—that’s why we use dried blueberries in our Stage 3 blueberry Beech-Nut Cereal Puffs™ toddler snacks. Blended with natural whole grains, they add just the right amount of sweet to this munchable, easy-to-eat snack that’s great for tots—anytime, anywhere.

Stage 3 Cereal Puffs™ Snack Benefits:

  • Great next step in solid food eating.
  • Melt-away texture makes learning to chew easy.
  • Real food for real taste. No artificial colors or flavors.

We know that a handful of

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blueberry cereal puffs

Included Inside

Brown Rice
White Rice