banana, blueberry & green beans fruit & veggie melties™

We love how plump blueberries are always ready to sweeten up any situation. We pair them with crisp green beans for a taste that’s both sweet and bold. With just four ingredients, the whole fruits and veggies we use in our Stage 3 Banana, Blueberry & Green Bean Fruit & Veggie Melties™ make a naturally colorful snack that simply melt-in-your-mouth—made for tots 8 months and older.

  • Toddler snack with only 4 ingredients.
  • Melt-away texture makes learning to chew easy.
  • Convenient resealable pouch for easy storage.
  • Real food for real taste. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
banana, blueberry & green beans fruit & veggie melties

Included Inside

Green Beans
Ingredients: bananas, blueberries, green beans, fruit pectin.

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