classics turkey & turkey broth jar

2.3 (3 Reviews)

For babies 4 months and up, this blend of classic turkey and turkey broth is a savory food that helps baby get much-needed protein. It has a smooth texture that’s easy to eat for baby as a great first step in learning to eat solid foods. Stage 1 Beech-Nut® Classics Turkey & Turkey Broth is made with turkey and turkey broth; no added flavorings (no onion or garlic added) or artificial preservatives. Many parents tell us this blend is a favorite first food for babies who are starting solids.

  • Just real turkey and turkey broth
  • Stage 1: for babies 4 months and up
  • Adds protein to baby’s diet
  • No added seasonings
classics turkey & turkey broth jar

Included Inside

Beech-Nut Classics Turkey & Turkey Broth Nutrition
Ingredients: 50% boneless turkey breast, 37.5% water, 12.5% steam injection.

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2.3 (3 Reviews)
  • Blah
    Mommy to 1
    I loved that it had actual turkey in it but my son couldn’t stand it he gagged at the taste
  • No cornstarch
    This baby food is great because it is JUST turkey and turkey broth. It doesn't have added ingredients like corn starch, which add unneeded sugars and may affect allergies. It also doesn't contain onions or garlic...just turkey
  • Not so great
    My twins did not seem to like this one at all. The texture was very different, but it looked like actual turkey so I was pleased with that aspect. I don’t think they were used to that texture. It also smelled kind of weird.
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