naturals beets, pear & pomegranate jar

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Rich, earthy beets love a bit of tang to release their natural sweetness. Pomegranate and juicy pear rounds things out with a sweet, mellow flavor. Just a little lemon juice is added to our Stage 2 Naturals beets, pear & pomegranate baby food to keep the flavors balanced and bright.

Stage 2 Baby Food Benefits:

  • Great first food for starting solids.
  • Excellent way to introduce textures and flavors.
  • Just real fruit and vegetables. Nothing artificial added.
naturals beets, pear & pomegranate jar

Included Inside

Ingredients: 57% beets, 35.83% pears, 6.67% pomegranate, 0.5% lemon juice concentrate.

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4 (1 Review)
  • Pretty good
    Bought this for my daughter who just turned 8 months. I figured it was time to start venturing out more and having her try new flavors. The 1st time I have this to her she made a funky face so I tried it. It totally tasted like beets. I assumed it would be sweet but it wasn't. I guess the sweetness helped tone down the beets. But the second time I fed it to her, she liked it. No funky face but more of a yummy face. I like how they mixed fruit with veggies!