naturals just sweet corn & green beans jar

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Bright, vegetable-garden flavors are at their peak in this combination of milky-sweet corn and crisp, herbaceous green beans. Enjoy the taste of summer’s bounty with our Stage 2 Beech-Nut Naturals just sweet corn & green beans baby food jars.

Stage 2 Baby Food Benefits:

  • Great first food for starting solids.
  • Excellent way to introduce textures and flavors.
  • Just real vegetables. Nothing artificial added.
naturals just sweet corn & green beans jar

Included Inside

Green Beans
Ingredients: 50% sweet corn, 50% green beans.

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5 (2 Reviews)
  • Surprise surprise
    I was shocked when I kid gobbled this down in less than 2 minutes. My sister in law were cracking up at how he would cry if I didn’t get him another soulful fast enough. I love how everything is made with real natural ingredients. And the wide spread of flavors they have.
  • Love it!
    First of all I love that it’s made with Natural Ingredients it’s the only brand we use. My 1 Year old Loves this one! I make him a pasta by boiling a bit of his favorite Dinosaur shape pasta then I add a Jar of the sweet corn & green beans to it and Voilà! A Delicious healthy meal in less then 10 minutes!