organics peas, green beans & avocado pouch

4.5 (1451 Reviews)

Beech-Nut® Organics is real food for babies. Turn your baby into a veggie lover with this green puree! Stage 2 Beech-Nut® Organics Peas, Green Beans & Avocado pouch is made with 100% natural vegetables, so it’s a convenient way to add veggies into your little one’s day without any chopping or cooking. Here’s a tip for your toddler: mix this puree into scrambled eggs for breakfast, or into mac & cheese to add even more nutrients into a fast dinner.

  • Nothing artificial added
  • Stage 2: for babies 6 months and up
  • 100% natural veggies
  • Organic and Non-GMO Project verified
organics peas, green beans & avocado pouch

Included Inside

Green Beans
Beech-Nut Organics Peas, Green Beans & Avocado Nutrition
Ingredients: 60% organic peas, 35% organic green beans, 5% organic avocado.

For the most accurate and up-to-date product information, please always refer to the label on the package itself.
4.5 (1451 Reviews)
  • My son loves this product!
    BEECH-NUT ORGANIC POUCHES are amazing my son really enjoyed these pouches. Easy to feed while on the go to. No mess. Product has healthy ingredients as well.
  • Pouch
    I received this free beech-nut organic pouch and it’s great! I love they are organic and made well!
  • My baby loved it
    I had to share with my nephew who also loved it! We’ve bought several packages!
  • Good pure, not very sweet
    I've got Beech-Nut vegetable Organic Pouches. It had pease, green beans and avocado in it. Pure is not very watery, not sweet, my son liked it. It's just he doesn't eat from Pouches so I needed to squeeze it into the bowl, but if your kid is eating from the Pouches, it's a good product
  • great job
    My grandson has a lot of allergies and these are not full of allergens and he loves the taste.
  • Great for little hands
    I received this organic pouch as a free sample from PINCHme. I love the Beech-Nut brand and the fact that these pouches are organic. My granddaughter loved the green bean, avocado and peas mixture.
  • My little guy loves them!!!
    My son loves these. We take them everywhere. It's so convenient and he loves the taste
  • Baby food
    Great concept my child just isn't use to this type of baby food so he was very turned off by it.
  • Great Stuff!!
    My kids absolutely loved this fruit pouch! And that says a lot coming from picky eaters. I will definitely be buying these from here on out!
  • Beech nut
    Beech Nut organic pouches are something my kid loves. He gets his veggies and fruits in no problem.
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