pear, banana & raspberry fruities on-the-go pouch

4 (3 Reviews)

Tart raspberries add a bright pop of flavor to mild pear and banana purée in Stage 2 pear, banana & raspberry fruities on-the-go.

Benefits of our Stage 2 Baby Food Pouches:

  • Great first food for starting solids.
  • Easy-squeeze package for busy babies and toddlers.
  • Just real fruit. Nothing artificial added.
pear, banana & raspberry fruities on-the-go pouch

Included Inside

Ingredients: Pears, bananas, raspberries, citric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

For the most accurate and up-to-date product information, please always refer to the label on the package itself.
4 (3 Reviews)
  • Tasty
    A sample was received. My boys tried but did not eat entire pouch. They've had pears, and bananas, but never raspberry. I think that's why they didn't care for it to much.
  • Pure and Delicious
    I received this package as a trial sample and my 20 month old loved it! I gave it a taste as well. I love the purity of the product and that the flavors of the fruits are discernible. Not just a sugar packet like some other brands. Will purchase again.
  • Could not eat it fast enough!
    While this may be considered a "baby food" my five year old inhaled it and wanted another one as soon as she finished. I would certainly give these to my 7-month old and my five year old! Great for all with excellent flavor!
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