Sweet Beet Dreamsicles

By BabyFoodE

Sweet Beet Dreamsicles

We’ve updated the recipe so babies under 12 months can enjoy this too. If you are making and serving these pops to kids over 1 year of age visit BabyFoodE’s blog for the recipe intended for toddler aged children.

These 3-ingredient Sweet Beet Dreamsciles are going to be a staple in your house this summer. Delicious, refreshing and creamy, these frozen treats go beyond just a tasty pop, they are also full of veggies, fruit and protein. Healthy enough to be served for any meal of the day!! Using Beech-Nut pre-made beets, pear & pomegranate purée as a base, these delicious popsicles can be prepped in less than 5-minutes, making them both your kids (and your own) dreams come true.

You better watch out, because for the next couple of months this blog might only feature recipes for one thing – popsicles!!

In my house, during the hot summer months, popsicles are our meal of choice.

  • Quick and Cold Breakfast
  • Mid-Morning Park Snack
  • Fast Lunch before Naps
  • Afternoon Pool Snack
  • Get in the Car Bribe
  • Pre-Dinner Snack
  • After-Dinner Dessert

I am not kidding when I say that I serve my girls popsicles anytime of the day, all day long.

But I don’t serve them just any popsicles, and certainly not the popsicles you find at the grocery store that are full of processed sugar and barely there fruits or veggies.

Nope, those popsicles are way too sweet for us.

My any-time, any-where popsicles are full of minimally processed veggies, fruits and protein.

Perfectly sweet and perfectly healthy!

Okay, I realize that sounds a little weird, baby food purée for a popsicle?!

Truth is, baby food purée makes for the perfect popsicle starter! Full of whole fruits and veggies that are already puréed to a smooth and creamy consistency – baby food purée make for the perfect popsicle. Plus, by using pre-made baby purée it makes the prep time on this recipe right under 5 minutes!

All you have to do is add in a couple simple ingredients into the baby food purée, most of which you will already have in your fridge and pantry, and then spoon the filling into your favorite popsicle mold.

For this recipe, we are using one of my favorite pre-made baby food purées beets, pear & pomegranate from Beech-Nut.

These Sweet Beet Dreamsicles are full of veggies (beets), fruits (pear and pomegranates) and protein (plain Greek yogurt.) Healthy enough to be called a meal anytime of day! If you already have a secret stash of frozen purées in your freezer, then by all means, use those first – homemade is always best!

But for those of us, who are out of the baby purée phase or just enjoying summer laziness (no shame there), Beech-Nut is the brand that I always turn to.

beech-nut beets, pear & pomegranate ice popsbeech-nut beets, pear & pomegranate ice popsbeech-nut beets, pear & pomegranate ice popsbeech-nut beets, pear & pomegranate ice popsbeech-nut beets, pear & pomegranate ice popsbeech-nut beets, pear & pomegranate ice pops

Let’s get popping!

Or more accurately, let’s get stirring. Because all we have to do in this recipe is stir.

In one small bowl, we stir together a jar of Beech-Nut beets, pear & pomegranate purée with a drizzle of maple syrup. Note: You can leave the maple syrup out of this recipe. To balance the yogurt with some extra sweetness, you can always add more purée.

In another small bowl, we stir together a couple of spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt and a touch of maple syrup (if added sweetness is desired.)

Then you have two choices. Don’t worry, nothing too complicated, we’ll leave the complicated choices for decisions such as swimming pool or splash pad, grilled chicken or grilled burgers, or even maxi dress or tank dress. It’s summer…complicated choices are not on the agenda.

Choice #1 – spoon the yogurt into the puree mixture and lightly swirl together before spooning everything into the popsicle mold.

Choice #2 – spoon the yogurt first into the popsicle mold, then spoon the puree into the popsicle mold, swirl with a stick or dull knife.

Either way, the taste is amazing.

As far a popsicles molds go, this Mini Pop Tray from Zoku is my absolute favorite for smaller kiddos. I find these pops are a great size for Parker (22 months) to attempt to lick clean before they melt all over the place, and they are still a good size for Ellie (4 years old) to be able to devour one pop in a matter of minutes and then sometimes if she is good, then she can get another pop.

Because, I know you will be making (and eating) popsicles all summer long, here are some more delicious combinations for you to try this summer:

  • Beet the Heat Popsicle – stir a jar of just raspberry, apple & beets + 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt swirled in
  • Tropical Tot Pop – stir a jar of sweet potato, orange & pineapple + 2 tablespoons maple syrup + 2 tablespoons coconut creme swirled in (this might be Ellie’s favorite! She ate 3 in one sitting)
  • Mango + Lime Popsicle – mix together a jar of just mango + 1 tablespoon coconut milk + 1 teaspoon lime juice

So now that we have our meals planned for the next 3 weeks, what are your favorite ways to beat the summer heat?

Sweet Beet Dreamsicles

1 4 ounce jar of Beech-Nut beets, pear & pomegranate purée

2 tablespoons full-fat plain Greek yogurt

*Optional 2 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon maple syrup

Note about the maple syrup – You can leave the maple syrup out of this recipe. To balance the yogurt with some extra sweetness, you can always add more purée.

Note about popsicle tray – this recipe fills the zoku mini mold perfectly and makes around 5.4-ounces or just over half a cup. If you have a larger popsicle mold, feel free to double or even triple this recipe.

  1. In a small bowl, whisk together the purée and 2 tablespoons maple syrup. In another small bowl, whisk together the Greek yogurt and the remaining 1 teaspoon maple syrup.
  2. Evenly divide the Greek yogurt mixture, roughly 1/2 teaspoon, into each popsicle mold. Next, spoon in the puree mixture until you are at the fill line. Take a long stick and swirl the mixture to make a marbled effect. Tap the tray on the counter a couple of times to make sure you don’t have any air bubbles.
  3. Insert the sticks, and place in the freezer for 2-3 hours or overnight.

Yield – 9 mini popsicles

Storage – 1 month in freezer

Prep Time – 5 minutes

Cool Time – 3 hours