Looking for some new ways to serve Beech-Nut® foods to your family? Check out our fun and exciting recipes (such as our pumpkin puree cold foam or our mango puree mint slushy) for inspiration! Purees can be added to your favorite family recipes as a way to add additional nutrients & tastes. Our baby food purees are inspiration for chefs and influencers, alike.

What can I make with Beech-Nut® purees? Do you have recipes?

Great question! Our purees aren’t just for eating by themselves; you can make so many fun treats and meals using our purees as an ingredient! Check out our recipes page for some delicious recipe ideas.
Please share your creations and tag us on social media! @beechnutfoods

Can I feed Beech-Nut® foods to my entire family?

Yes, you can use our products to make family-friendly meals such as muffins, spaghetti sauce, cookies, and more! Find family meal ideas using Beech-Nut® products on our recipes page.
(We are often caught munching on Beech-Nut snacks here in the office.)

Can I meal plan with Beech-Nut® foods?

Meal planning doesn’t just have to be limited to big kids and adults; you can meal plan for your little ones too! We have a variety of meal plan and feeding guides available for babies of different ages on our recipes page.v
If you are looking for meal plans for your little ones, try these ideas.

Can I make Beech-Nut® inspired purees at home?

Go for it! Check out the “homemade baby food” section of our recipes page to find some recipes inspired by our favorite Beech-Nut® purees!