Naturals apple, cinnamon & granola jar

4.9 (15 Reviews)

Beech-Nut® Naturals baby food is real food for babies. Try serving our Stage 2 Beech-Nut® Naturals apple, cinnamon & granola baby food slightly warmed — it tastes like fall in a jar! Just a little cinnamon and some water are added to this baby food recipe to make it complete. Beech-Nut® sources apples locally in upstate New York, where their apple farm along Lake Ontario is run by four generations of one family of farmers.

  • Nothing artificial added
  • Stage 2: for 6 months and up
  • Fresh apples sourced locally in upstate New York
  • Non-GMO Project verified
Naturals apple, cinnamon & granola jar

Included Inside

Ingredients: 74.4% fresh apples, 20% water, 4% oats, 1% barley flakes, 0.5% amaranth flour, 0.1% cinnamon.
Contains Wheat

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4.9 (15 Reviews)
  • Scraping the jar clean
    I bought this for my son and he’s known as the picky AND active eater! Not only does he love this but he sits down and enjoys each spoonful. The consistency isn’t watery like other foods and I feel like I’m helping him get used to the different food textures. Here in my house we love, love, LOVE Beechnut
  • Awesome taste!
    I sampled the food because I was worried if the cinnamon would be overpowering but it’s a perfect blend. She’s been eating stage 1 and finally moved to stage 2 so it was a little learning curve. After she got in the groove, she loved it! Cleaned the jar, as usual!
    Really thank you Beech-Nut for all your products, if you only know how you help me to care about my baby. I never worry what he will eat tommorow, always have something from you guys. That apple, cinnamon & granola my favorite and my baby too!!!
  • Grear Product
    I got this as a free sample from Beech-Nut. I was excited to try is as the flavor sounded GREAT and I had not seen it at my local store. This is my favorite baby food by far! The cinnamon flavor is not too overwhelming for Little Tummies. For some reason however, my little one was not as excited about the flavor as I was. I went ahead and got another couple jars and plan to wait a few weeks and try again because for me this was the best flacot yet!
  • Great product
    I recieved this product free for review. I was a little standoffish because of the granola lol. But baby loved it. I would purchase this item. Great ingridents.
  • Good!
    Great flavor! I think my daughter really enjoyed this one!
  • Great taste
    Received as a sample and baby loves to mix this with their oatmeal. Tried other brands and she did not like, baby only loves beech nut
  • Phi approves!
    My daughter Phiona really enjoyed this food. She is very vocal about flavors and would have definately spit it out if she did not like the flavor.
  • Apple cinnamon granola
    Shai's mama
    This is one of my baby's favorite foods. Along with pumpkin and apple granola.
  • Amazing food
    My son loves anything from this brand and so do I. Great quality, great products. I was given a free product for my honest review!
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