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baby food matters

Our #1 goal at Beech-Nut is to provide families access to delicious & quality-tested baby & toddler foods. In fact, all ingredients in our purees are tested for up to 255 pesticides, toxins, heavy metals & other environmental elements.

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all babies deserve
real food

We don’t just make real food, we want it to be accessible everywhere. We believe that better nutrition is a right, so we work to make Beech-Nut® available in as many places as possible.

Read more about our 2022 “Helping Hands” efforts, ways we gave back to local, regional, national & international communities.

We are a proud member of the National WIC™ Association. In fact, Beech-Nut® products are eligible in all 50 US states!

From 2018 – 2022, we helped serve an estimated 7.25 million meals to families in need through a partnership with No Kid Hungry.

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with no future,
there are no babies

Reducing our carbon footprint means a better future for our children. We pledge to make our supply chain as sustainable as possible, which means continually innovating to reduce our energy and water usage and to minimize waste. In fact, Beech-Nut® was the first U.S. baby food packaged in an infinitely-recyclable glass jar.

Read more about our parent company’s global commitment to sustainability.


Beech-Nut® has been around since 1891, making baby food since 1931 in upstate New York. Our own engineers from Beech-Nut® patented the vacuum-sealed jar process that’s now the safety standard in the industry.

Have you met Harry? His mom wrote us a letter to tell us his family's fascinating Beech-Nut history.

For photos of early Beech-Nut days, please visit The Arkell Museum website.

Discover the rich history of Beech-Nut, starting in 1891 at our original factory in Canjoharie, NY, where the original vaccuum seal jar process was patented, to our current facility nearby in Amsterdam, NY where we operate to this day! Want to work at Beech-Nut? See our careers page for open positions.

Where is Beech-Nut® located?

Our company headquarters is located in Amsterdam, New York, a small, upstate town in the Mohawk River Valley, about 40 minutes west of Albany, N.Y. Built in 2011, our headquarters is LEED Certified with state-of-the-art food processing and testing technology.

What is Beech-Nut's® mission/vision?

Our #1 goal at Beech-Nut® is to provide families access to delicious, diverse & quality-tested baby & toddler foods at accessible prices. Everyday, we are making real food for babies™ & toddlers.

What year was Beech-Nut® established?

Our company has been around since 1891 and making baby food since 1931 in upstate New York. (No, we no longer make Beech-Nut® gum!)

Does Beech-Nut® donate to charities or give back to their community?

Beech-Nut® strongly believes in providing a helping hand to those in need as much as possible.
For years, Beech-Nut® partnered with No Kid Hungry, a national campaign dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the United States. Throughout this partnership, Beech-Nut® helped feed over 7M meals to families in need.
Our internal all-volunteer group, Beech-Nut® Helping Hands, is committed to creating opportunities for Beech-Nut® associates to give back to our local communities. We strive to nourish the lives of individuals throughout Montgomery County and beyond through volunteerism, food distribution, holiday giving, and more. Helping Hand’s largest annual event, “Beech-Nut® Gives Back,” is a drive-thru food distirbution event that is designed to provide a week’s worth of food to local families, no questions asked. With the help of the local food bank and New York state farmers, boxes typically include a variety of shelf stable items along with fresh fruits and vegetables and, of course, Beech-Nut® products.
We also donate bulk quantities of foods to non-profits, such as Convoy of Hope, the United Way of Greater Capital Region, the American Red Cross, and more.
We also save used cardboard boxes for our local food pantry, so they can help serve families.

Is Beech-Nut® committed to sustainability?

We are making gradual improvements in our produce sourcing, our plant’s energy use, our post-consumer-recycled materials in our packaging, and more.
We regularly work with our parent company, Hero Group, to borrow best practices and share supplier programs. Read more about our high-level efforts here.